• I've heard you guys are always busy?

      Some of our artists are very busy but more often than not we have spots coming up for future appointments. Tattoos are for life and we believe the right design by the right artist is worth the wait, shoot us a message here to see availability. We can answer any and all questions you may have either through email or call us on 09 365 1839

  • I just want something small, whats your minimum charge?

      The minimum charge is $175, this ensures you receive quality pigments and equipment and a sterile setup in the most hygienic environment and of course a tattoo from the most experienced team in NZ.

  • I'm keen for something bigger, how much?

      There are many variables on pricing a tattoo. Size, position, colours, detail just to name a few. Use the contact form or email us at sacredtattoo@gmail.com to get an estimate but if you come to the studio we can discuss in person and give you a quote.

  • How much is your hourly charge?

      If the tattoo will be completed in one session we will give you a Quote for that piece. Larger ongoing work we usually use the time frame of Half Day (3 hours) at $550 or full day (6 hours) at $1100. If you want to do on going work in smaller sessions you can discuss this during your consult and these are usually priced at $200 per hour.

      It’s worth noting at this point that the hourly rate should be amongst the last of your questions, not your first. Having a budget in mind is fine but you will find the best artists all have a similar rate, its the less experienced that offer cheap deals. Not only do you receive an inferior tattoo but it usually takes Longer, ending up more Expensive. Of course get the tattoo you can afford but choose the artist on their skills and experience. Tattoos are forever, wear the best.

  • I'm keen to talk to someone, how do I do it?

      The best way is contact us on this form here, email sacredtattoo@gmail.com or call us on 09 365 1839 to organise a free consult. You have probably looked at our Artist Galleries and may have someone in mind or we can match you with who will suit the style of tattoo your are after. At this appointment we will discuss your ideas in detail and we encourage you to bring along any pictures or reference material that you have.

      This is also a good time to talk about your budget, especially for on going larger work as this will effect how far the appointments are spaced apart. We will provide a quote and a time frame and at this point we also take a deposit of $200 for a minimum to half day or $550 for a full day to secure your appointment/s. This is NON refundable but can be held if you need to move your appointment/s.

  • Can I bring all my friends to watch?

      In a word, no. For the basic reason of an artist working and trying to concentrate amongst a whole lot of people chatting is not the best scenario, we find it distracting and in fact so will YOU. If you need a support person you can bring ONE friend but you will find it easier to concentrate if you are on your own. Don’t worry — we are a friendly bunch, you won’t be lonely.

  • I need to change my appointment, how do I do this?

      That’s ok but please don’t make appointments that you are unsure of keeping. We will send you a text reminder 48 hours before your booking but this is not a time to decide weather you will get tattooed or postpone. Less than 48 hours and you will lose your deposit. If you postpone your appointment more than twice you will lose your deposit. We get it that life is really busy and sometimes unpredictable but please understand this is not our hobby but how we make a living, a couple of late minute cancelations can have a major impact on a working artists week. We are going to do the absolute best for you, so please do your best for us.

  • What should I do before my tattoo?

      Just be fresh, well rested and well fed. You will find it easier to relax the more energy you have. Which makes it a better experience for you AND the artist.

  • What about after?

      Remove wrap after a minimum of two hours (longer is fine), when you remove the wrap wash well with warm soapy water, repeat a few times for the first 24 hours and always pat dry with a clean towel. After 24 hours just shower normally but start applying a minimal amount of our after care cream. (just enough is enough) and only when the tattoo is dry. Repeat twice a day until healed.

      No swimming or soaking in water and keep out of the sun. Don’t pick or scratch your tattoo and keep it clean.